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Adventure Connections is excited to say that we are in the process of becoming a not for profit organisation, to be able to better service the community. We will keep you posted on the latest news.

Why we do what we do

With our fast-paced lives, global urbanisation, an increased interest in technology and longer working hours, people are living more sedentary lives and spending less time outdoors and this is having a large impact on our society's health and wellbeing.

Did you know;

  • Less than 1 in 10 young people are active for more than one hour per day
  • In Australia suicide is the leading cause of death for people 25 and under

These are alarming statistics that need Massive and Immediate Action Now.

This is why Adventure Connections has been established. Everyone knows that being outdoors is good for us and physical activity helps reduce stress and makes us a stronger, fitter, healthier society, so why not reduce the burden on our mental health care system, which isn’t coping, by simply offering our young people an alternative method of therapy, such as being outdoors and in nature, which can be known as Bush Adventure Therapy, Nature Therapy and Wilderness Therapy.

Bush Adventure Therapy is about combining adventure and outdoor environments with the intention to achieve therapeutic outcomes for those involved.

Did you know;

  • Outdoor Activity in natural environments can improve emotional wellbeing and reduce anxiety and depression
  • Children who are active outdoors are more likely to have better self esteem and are less likely to be socially isolated

At Adventure Connections we understand that our surroundings have the power to shape our emotions, health, and wellbeing, so why not look into booking one of our Adventures for yourself or someone you care about today.


Kym Gibson

Creative Director

A vibrant, enthusiastic and passionate advocate of experiential learning and outdoor recreation, Kym has dedicated her career to help inspire and motivate others to reach their potential through education, health, wellness, sport and recreation, living a better life outdoors.

Kym has worked in a number outdoor recreation, education and therapeutic care roles, helping to inspire change in lives of many people. Having completed degrees in sport and recreation and education, Kym continues to develop her knowledge and skills through professional development courses and involvement in industry associations. Kym sits on the board for Outdoors W.A. and is the W.A. committee member for the Australian Association for Bush Adventure Therapy (AABAT). Through these roles Kym is working to develop the outdoor and bush adventure therapy industries in W.A, whilst she continues to peruse her passions through Adventure Connections, that specifically works with youth and families.

Our Facilitators

We hand pick our diverse team of facilitators to suit the activities within the programs and the individual/group needs that we are catering for. All facilitators are required to have a minimum;

  • Working with Children Check
  • Applied First Aid and current CPR
  • Police Clearance

Our Supporters

Adventure Connections is a collaborative organisation who works alongside some of WA's leading Health and Wellbeing experts and Outdoor providers. This ensures our clients not only get the best facilitators and opportunities to try new activities, it also creates future connections for WA families and youth, to be able to continue utilising the providers in the future.

If you would like to find out more about what we do or how you could get involved please email

or phone Kym directly 0459 124 646