Journey into the WILD -5 Week Teen, Term Program


is your child experiencing

  • low self-esteem,
  • anxiety,
  • depression,
  • identity issues
  • trouble making friends.

Imagine your teenager

  • Thriving and feeling confident,
  • Making real connections with themselves as well as others around them,
  • Making decisions without fear of rejection or failure
  • Tackling new challenges head on.
  • Learn new ways of managing and improving their wellbeing


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The WILD program is a holistic program which will educate, motivate and inspire your teenager, to make informed choices about their own future, learn strategies and tools to help manage their wellbeing, reduce feelings of isolation and create a sense of connection with the world around them. Adventure Connections is different because we utilise the outdoors, adventure experiences, and wellness activities to create the perfect, holistic, experiential learning environment.

Through the real-life experiences teens will learn and reflect, developing new self-management, interpersonal and social skills, as well as skills for recreating safely in the outdoors, ultimately resulting confident, capable, mature teens.

What does WILD mean?

W- Well-being; Learn new skills and strategies for self-care, making steps towards improved health and wellbeing.

I – Inspire; Inspired to make changes in their life, helping to reach their full potential.

L – Learn; Education is the most powerful tool, by providing opportunities to try new things and by challenging ourselves, we learn just what we are capable of.

D – Discover; Through Adventure we discover ourselves.

The 5-week program

  • Small group size (Up to 16 participants)
  • 12- 18 years of age
  • Fun and challenging 5 week adventure-based program featuring;  four 2 hour sessions after school which helps to prepare participants for an overnight weekend hike and camp
  • Topics covered in the program can include; Identity, Vision for the Future, Goal Setting, Self Esteem, Confidence, Challenge, Wellness and Self Care, Trip planning, Navigation, and Camp Cooking.

Commences: Term 1,  Afternoons 4pm – 6pm

Days and Dates to be confirmed.

Register in Full or Register and Pay in 3 Instalments

Benefits to your family:

  • Increases resilience and ability to cope with challenges in life
  • Boosts Confidence and self esteem
  • Access and opportunity to try a variety of recreation activities in a safe environment, led by professional facilitators
  • Connects youth with the benefits of being in nature
  • Learn new skills and tools for handling the challenges that life throws at us.

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