The CALM Family Adventure


Are you concerned about someone you love?

Do you think they might be struggling with mental health issues?

Do they have

  • low self-esteem,
  • anxiety,
  • depression,
  • identity issues
  • trouble making friends or are they becoming withdrawn?

These can be signs of someone developing or presenting with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.

Our programs are designed to support your family on this journey of healing together.

Together as a family you will

  • Learn new ways of managing and improving your family’s mental and physical health and wellbeing
  • Learn skills and strategies for overcoming and dealing with challenging situations
  • Develop new and improved ways of communicating as a family team
  • Develop new tools that will assist you all in managing your mental and physical health which you will be able to implement in your daily lives.

email or phone Kym on 0459 124 646 for more details.

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The Family CALM program is a mental health prevention, intervention and recovery support program designed for the whole family.

CALM is designed to assist families to develop the skills, knowledge and strategies to be able to respond in an effective, timely and appropriate manner when a loved one is experiencing mental ill health.

The CALM program utilises Bush Adventure Therapy, Experiential Education and Health and Wellness workshops to facilitate positive behaviour changes, develop self-management, interpersonal, social and emotional skills, as well as skills and strategies for improving their mental and physical health, empowering families to adopt and maintain healthy, more active lifestyles and behaviours together.

What does CALM mean?

C = Connection; create authentic connections that last a life time, with yourself, family, community and country

A = Adventure; Tackle new challenges together, learn new ways of managing the stresses of everyday life, whilst building resilience, communication and teamwork within the family.

L = Learn; When you learn new skills and strategies you are more capable and prepared to move outside of your comfort zone and tackle challenges head on, with confidence

M = Mindful; Paying attention to the present moment with openness, curiosity and without judgement.

The program will;

  • Increase knowledge of strategies for staying mentally and physically healthy
  • Create and maintain supportive environments which are conducive to good mental and physical health
  • Provide opportunities for social inclusion and connection
  • Improve their understanding of the catalysts of good mental and physical health and develop their knowledge and skills to be able to take action, creating positive behaviour changes
  • Develop their knowledge and skills to be able to manage challenging situations such as bullying and discrimination and know how to respond in such situations
  • Improve knowledge of how to seek help and where too
  • Reduce sedentary behaviours and increase physical activity
  • Increases resilience and ability to cope with challenges in life
  • Improve confidence and self esteem
  • Increases resilience and ability to cope with challenges in life
  • Allows parents/carer’s time and space to connect with their children in a fun and engaging environment without the distractions or pressures of everyday life or technology
  • Gives families the opportunity to build their support network by meeting and forming friendships with other families
  • Strengthens parent/partner relationships
  • Access and opportunity to try a variety of recreation activities in a safe environment, led by professional facilitators
  • Reconnects and reengages families with the benefits of being in nature and improves wellbeing
  • Builds cohesion and connection within your family team

Where; Location TBA however all of our programs are held at outstanding locations and within two hours of Perth CBD.

Dates: Taking expressions of interest now for the October school holidays.

Any questions, ask us here

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